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Draw something is a mobile version of Pictionary. With up to 6 friends, each player takes turns drawing a pre-determined object.

While one player draws an item, other players in their lobby can see a real-time drawing of it. The first player to guess what is being drawn wins and gains points. The winner is determined after each player has drawn.

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This game is intended for small group play. Draw Something Classic is similar to Pictionary in that a chosen topic is drawn and then shared with your team. The team that correctly identifies the image the quickest earns more points. It’s likely that some individuals in the room are already familiar with the game and can assist newcomers in getting started. Draw Something Classic is an excellent method for assisting children in breaking out of their shells and developing constructive relationships.

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There are a ton of games out there, and this is not a comprehensive list, but here are just a few of our favorites and the ones that get played the most.

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