Free Online Gaming Club for Kids


We are a small club, but all are welcome to join and play.

This is not a massive online community. We are just a small group of kids who like to play games online, and we are testing out a new format for making connections and finding new friends who like to play games online. All games are student lead, but parent-managed or supervised to ensure a safe environment for all. The idea is something like going to play at a virtual playground. Parents are present to ensure safety and support, but the kids are the ones that determine the games and the interactions. Every new friend who arrives adds fun ideas to our virtual play space. If that sounds like fun…

Find a game and join us!

or you could

Create a new game for us!

Social Fun the free and safe way

The best kid-lead free online gaming club, probably…

Hey there! Do you like playing video games and other online games? Well, there’s a club just for that! It’s called the Clicky Gamer Online Gaming Club and it’s a place where students and homeschoolers can hang out together and have fun. And the best part? It’s totally free!

At the club, we play both multi-player and single-player games, so there’s something for everyone. And we love to talk about our favorite games and share tips and tricks. So if you want to make some new friends who love gaming just as much as you do, join the Clicky Gamer Online Gaming Club!

Kid-led & Parent approved

Kids only interact with other kids, but every child is supervised by their parent or guardian.

All Virtual, All real-time

We don’t meet in person, but we do meet online through lots of safe channels.

Learn New games

We are always looking for new games and ideas to try out together.

Flexible schedule

Pick what days work best for you. Sometimes, we schedule it, and sometimes, we just connect.

Be nice, be safe, be honest

The essential rules

We have a parent permission and approval page that gets into the details on how this concept works and what expectations are set, but there are three really essential concepts that cover most of it in a simple format.


Be Kind

Kindness is essential, and it can be harder to achieve than you might think. Kindness is more than treating others the way you would want to be treated. Kindness is exercising empathy for others and treating them with equity and respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or ability.


Be Safe

The internet is an inherently dangerous place for people of all ages. For that reason, we require all club members and their parents or guardian to read or understand and follow all safety protocols regarding protecting personal information and protecting mental health online.


Supervision Required

We are not alone, and together we are safer, especially when students have the support and supervision of a parent or guardian. Please treat any connection your child makes with the internet like a public space that requires your presence and supervision to ensure their safety.

A virtual playground

Who are we and where did this idea come from?

The limitations of COVID made socializing really difficult for many families, especially those who have children or family members with complex health conditions at greater risk from COVID exposure (like us). So, we came up with a simple, free way to overcome those limitations and get back to having fun and making new friends, and it turned into a sort of gaming club.

Why? Well, even now, after the height of the pandemic, many children still don’t have the same level of access to the kind of free-form play with other kids that we used to enjoy before the pandemic. Many great tools are available to make social connections kids need through online services like Outschool, but they can be very expensive and are limited to adult-led activities. Adult-led activities tend to limit creative collaboration between children and opportunities for children to experiment with free-form socializing and leadership skills through fun, so we tried to figure out a safe way to let kids take the lead while still staying safe online.

Clicky Gamer Online Play Club is a prototype concept for a virtual playground that allows kids to connect and play online the way they would if they were at recess or at the park. Parents and guardians still play an important role in supervising the play, but the kids lead the play session and come up with the games, the rules, the winners, and the goals. Our platform is developing and evolving rapidly, and in these early stages, we rely heavily on 3rd party game providers like Nintendo Switch, STEAM, Minecraft, and other online services like ZOOM and Discord, but if we can get enough interest in our club, we could expand to something new. All good ideas are welcome.