Free Online Gaming Club for Kids



Common answers to your questions and general information


Some games may require purchase, download, or set up or skill to join.


You may need a phone, headphones, or a webcam to play some games.


Play is an essential part of the learning process at every age.


Game sessions can be scheduled at any time that fits the group.

Is this like Outschool?

Nope. These aren’t classes, and they are not led by an instructor. These are play sessions run by kids and for kids while under the supervision of their parents or guardians. Think of it like a virtual playground. A place for kids to connect in a free open-play format led by the kids themselves while still under the supervision of their parents.

What happens during a play session?

Kids in the group pick a game, pick how to communicate, either on Zoom, Discord, or through the gaming platform, and then they play. Each gaming session has a ‘leader’ who helps things run smoothly, but otherwise, it’s very much like meeting up with friends to play at the park. The only difference is instead of swings and slides, we have video games and headphones.

Is this a safe space for all children?

Yes. We expect all children to treat each other with equity, respect, and compassion regardless of race, religion, gender, LGBTQA, class, or ability status. We also respect preferred (gamer*) names and pronouns.

*For safety reasons, we don’t share personal information like our real names in public gaming spaces, but we do respect your preferred identity.

How do you keep your club members safe?

The internet is a dangerous place for all ages. We go out of our way to create a safe opportunity for your people to connect and play together, but much like going to a public park to play, the essential element of keeping children safe is to have a parent present at all times. Parents/guardians are not permitted to join the play sessions, but they are required to be in the same room and attentive to the needs and safety of their child at all times during the session, just like you would at a public park.

Is this associated with a homeschool, private school, or unschool organization?

Yes and No? Our club is great for homeschoolers and unschoolers, but we are not associated with any movement or organization at this time.

Do I need to buy the game to play?

Maybe. Many games are free, some require being purchased, signing up for an account or download and set up. If you are not sure ask. Your game leader can help you figure out what you need before you play.

What equipment do I need?

Each game will have different requirements, but generally, you will need a way to connect with other players. That can happen through a game like the Nintendo Switch, through a meeting service like Zoom with a webcam or phone, or through a gaming server like Discord or Minecraft and a headset with a microphone. All of these options will require access to the internet. If you are unsure what you need, just ask.

What are the Rules?

First and foremost, be kind, be safe, and have fun. The internet is a massive space with lots of unique situations to take into consideration so we rely heavily on the advice of professionals in each platform that we use. We suggest you do the same. We have compiled an list of things we think

Who can join?

This is a kids-only club, but each child must have a current active parent account on file to participate. All ages through 17 are welcome to join our club.

How much is it to join and play?

There are no fees to join or to play at this time. We may be experimenting with some different options to let patients verify their identity, which we keep on file for security and safety, but other than that, we think play should be free for all children. Some games may require a fee to play or purchase, so check each session’s requirements before you join.

Do you offer accommodations for different needs?

Yes. We were first inspired by a calling to make free and open interaction and play more accessible for children who may be limited by health restrictions or those who must quarantine or have high-risk family members who must quarantine. If you are looking for a play session that has specific accommodations for your child, just ask. We are a small club, but we will try to help you find your circle of friends and an environment that works for you.

Can I add and lead a new game session?

Sure! If you have a great idea and want to lead a game, just let us know, and we can add it to our suggested list. New ideas are welcome! We are a small community, but there is plenty of room to grow. If you would like to lead a game, you and your parent will need to complete a background check and some other safety veting requirements to get started.

Do you offer a camp?

Yes! Well, sort of… We don’t offer classes or camps in person, but we do set up daily sessions that run all week, and we call them camps. This is not an educational club, though. Our focus is on having fun and practicing social skills with people from diverse communities. Although we do learn a ton of exciting things from one another, and we do meet up on a schedule sometimes, it does not technically qualify us as a camp because we do not have adult lead sessions or a strict curriculum at this time. If that is something the group wants to try or an individual wants to test out, we can definitely do that, though!

Who is running this club?

Kids (with a little help from their adult parents or guardians). We are a group of friends and family who saw a need for virtual play in our community, and we devised a concept to help meet that need.

Why do I need a gamer name to play?

Keeping your personal information private is essential to keeping kids safe on the internet. Even your name should be protected, so please create a fun gamer name you can use during play, like “Mr.Noodlebrain” or “FeetgoYeet” or any crazy, funny, or silly (but age appropriate) name you can invent. Just remember not to share personal information with anyone you don’t know and trust personally.

Being social is hard sometimes. Can I just play?

Yes! We recognize that sometimes being social means quietly playing the same game together, or “parallel play” and that is totally ok. Let us know ahead of time what your preferred way to play is so we can welcome you to the group in a way that makes you feel accepted and comfortable.